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Essential Algebra: A Modeling Approach - Volume 2




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Essential Algebra: A Modeling Approach - Volume 2

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails

About This Book

Along with its companion, volume 1, this text combines Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra with a modeling perspective. More than just a textbook, this is a full-service course that has been class-tested and is ready for you to use. If you have attended any of Kathy's presentations on modeling, you know she is an expert in the field. She has refined her program over the last five years at Los Angeles Pierce College.

The Yoshiwara Program of Instruction

Instructor Guide

This is Kathy's step-by-step guide for how to organize and run your classroom. It gives details on how to integrate the online homework system, XYZ Homework, the Activities Guide, and the textbook to create a successful course in algebra, from a modeling perspective.

Print Textbook or Online eBook

The foundation of the course is the textbook. Here is where the student finds the examples, explanations, and problems that will take them to a new level in mathematical maturity. The student can purchase the print version of the textbook for $38 (which includes all our electronic content), or they can purchase a one-year All-AccessPass for $45.

Activities Booklet

In-class activities for every section of the textbook are your lesson plans for the course. The complete booklet can be purchased for $20.

Set a new course for your algebra classes

Pierce College earned the State Chancellor's Student Access and Equity Award in 2011 for the ASAP course (Algebra Success at Pierce), which uses Essential Algebra, Volumes 1 and 2, for its textbooks. Here are the goals for the ASAP course:

  • Analyze, construct, and interpret graphs of linear equations and apply these abilities to interpret graphs in the real-world.
  • Model and solve real-world mathematics problems stated in words (word problems) whose solutions require formulating and solving either a linear equation with one variable, or a system of two linear equations in two variables.
  • Solve linear and quadratic equations in one variable, and solve equations containing algebraic fractions in one variable.
  • Represent and analyze basic functions and their applications using tables, graphs, and equations. Use and interpret function notation in both algebraic and graphical contexts.
  • Write and analyze linear models for functions with constant rate of change. Graph linear equations and interpret slope as a rate of change in real world situations. Model problems involving two or more unknowns by writing and solving systems of equations or inequalities.
  • Formulate and analyze quadratic models, such as projectile motion, revenue functions, problems involving area or the Pythagorean theorem, and applications of conic sections, such as planetary orbits.
  • Apply and interpret exponential models such as population growth and compound interest, and logarithmic scales such as pH and earthquake magnitude.
  • Use exponents and radicals to analyze power function models in applications such as direct and inverse variation.

Some results for the ASAP Program

For students in the ASAP program, 60.6% successfully completed Intermediate Algebra. For comparison, students not in the ASAP program, only 17.9% successfully completed Intermediate Algebra.

About Kathy Yoshiwara


Kathy Yoshiwara has been involved in community college mathematics education for over 30 years. She has won many awards for her innovative teaching, including the AMATYC Teaching Excellence Award, the MAA Distinguished College Teachers of Mathematics Award, and the Teaching Excellence Award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (University of Texas at Austin). She was awarded a one-year Fulbright teaching exchange to Barnsley, England. She was the original facilitator for the Pierce Statway team, and the department liaison for the Los Angeles Knowledge Exchange (LAKE) network. Her conference presentation "Birds, Bats, Bicycles and Balloons: New Applications for Algebra Classes" was chosen for inclusion in ERIC (Education Resources Information Center).

Kathy has held many offices in mathematics organizations, both in California, and nationwide. She was a member of the Board of Editors for the College Math Journal, a member of the Calculus Consortium for Higher Education based at Harvard, and co-author of their Precalculus text. She established Pierce College as an Interactive Mathematics Text Project (IMTP) site and organized IMTP workshops. She hosted the CRAFTY Curriculum Foundations Project Workshop Voices of the Partner & Disciplines, Technical Mathematics at Pierce College.

Learn more about Kathy and our staff here.

Table of Contents

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Available for Essential Algebra: A Modeling Approach - Volume 2

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Available for Essential Algebra: A Modeling Approach - Volume 2


Additional Resources (for Instructors only)

Notes to Instructors

Supplementary Homework Problems Part 1

Supplementary Homework Problems Part 2

Supplementary Homework Problems Part 3

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