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More Trinomials to Factor

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Example 1

Factor \(6a^2+7a+2\).

Example 2

Factor \(4x^2-x-3\).

Example 3

Factor \(12y^3+10y^2-12y\).

Example 4

Factor \(30x^2y-5xy^2-10y^3\).

Example 5

A ball is tossed into the air with an upward velocity of \(16\) feet per second from the top of a building \(32\) feet high. The equation that gives the height of the ball above the ground at any time \(t\) is \[h=32+16t-16t^2\] Factor the right side of this equation and then find \(h\) when \(t\) is \(2\).

Mini Lecture

  1. \(2x^2+7x+3\)

  2. \(4y^2-11y-3\)

  3. \(3x^2-xy-14y^2\)

  4. \(10a^3-6a^2-4a\)

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