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eLearning Technology

Our textbooks are complete interactive solutions for your classroom. Every textbook can be viewed online in HTML5. This includes MathTV videos! QR codes embedded into our textbooks get users to the videos they need instantly on their mobile devices.


A brand new textbook from XYZ Textbooks, plus complete access to MathTV and all our eLearning technology, retails on average for only $68. That's a high-quality math textbook at a price you can feel good about.


Use your desktop, tablet, or phone to access our online books and MathTV videos. Our resources are at your fingertips no matter where you are.

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Online Books

Accessible from your computer or mobile device

Each online book gives students immediate access to the textbook and the associated video lessons from MathTV in one easy to use online location. Every example in our textbook has a video lesson that shows the necessary steps to solve the math problem. Students can even choose their instructors within the online book! Our online books are in HTML5 and can be viewed on any mobile or desktop device with an internet connection. Chapter 1 is always free, and an All-Access Pass unlocks all chapters.

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QR Codes

Getting students immediate access to the videos they need

If students get stuck on a problem in our textbook, all they have to do is scan the QR Code inside that section of the textbook with their mobile device. Our mobile site will load and automatically take them to the videos associated with that section of the textbook. It's instant access to MathTV from our printed textbooks.


The unmatched video library - free with all new XYZ Textbooks!

MathTV is our unparalleled video library offering more than 10,000 student and instructor tutorials, with topics ranging from basic mathematics to calculus. Students also have more than a dozen instructors to choose from and can filter videos by topic or textbook. MathTV is free with the purchase of a new printed XYZ Textbook and only $30 with the purchase of an All-Access Pass.

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The All-Access Pass

Access to every online book, video, & worksheet for $30

The All-Access Pass gets you unlimited access to all our eContent for 1 year. It's FREE with every new print textbook or $30 when purchased stand alone.

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