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  • Title: Bootcamp for Algebra 1
  • Price: $50.00
  • Instructors: Pat McKeague, Jana Mooney
  • Course Dates:Opens June 12, 2017
  • Minimum Prerequisite: 8th Grade Math or Basic Mathematics
  • Description: A self-paced online course for students taking Algebra 1 in the near future.
  • Included: Printed workbook and three month All-Access Pass

Product Information

Bootcamp for Algebra 1

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Need to get ready for Algebra 1? We have just the course for you. Bootcamp for Algebra 1 will present you with everything you need to be successful in Algebra 1. We will review the most important prerequisite topics you will need to master, we'll cover study skills and success skills that are necessary for success in college courses, and we will show you why we think studying algebra is a worthwhile, satisfying experience, all by itself. All you need to do is add in your commitment and hard work, and you will put yourself in position to pass Algebra 1 at the school you are attending.

You can proceed through the course as quickly as you like. There are 20 electronic assignments in the course. If you finish all the electronic assignments with an average of 75% or higher, you will receive a one-year All Access Pass to XYZ You can start the first assignment at any time. You must do the assignments in order, so you cannot start on the second assignment until you have completed the first assignment.

More Details

•We offer a full refund within three business days of purchase, no questions asked.

• This is a non-credit course.  

•The course can be accessed through a desktop, laptop or via some mobile devices.

• Email if you want to confirm your mobile device is supported or for any questions.

Course Completion Reward

Free All Access Pass
For students with a grade of 75% or higher

All Access Pass

Complete all the assignments in Algebra 1 Bootcamp with a grade of 75% or higher and receive a 1-year All Access Pass to XYZ

Course Preview

Below is a sample section from one of our recent online courses. This is how each section of your course will look.

Welcome Video

Each section begins with a welcome video from Ms. Mooney or Mr. McKeague, or one of our student instructors.

Learning Objectives

A set of learning objectives follow the welcome video in each assignment.

Written Assignment

Everything students need to complete the written assignment is contained within the course.

Online Electronically Graded Assignment

Each section contains an electronically graded assignment. Student scores are automatically recorded in the gradebook.

Take-Five Videos

Take-Five videos cover enrichment topics or success skills.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums for students to ask and answer questions.

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We Make Our Customers Happy

I am an adult who is continuing my education. MathTV is fantastic! I especially like the variety of the folks going over the problems. For whatever reason it is more user friendly than others I've viewed. Great idea, great job!

American Allied University

I've been using your texts for the past two weeks, and the students are loving it. I actually have to remind them to get up and take a break, since each class meets in the math lab for just under 4 hours at a time. So far, they are doing great.

Terry Valentine
SUNY Columbia-Greene CC

I just love the way the material in the series is divided up in a strict succession of topics, unlike the other over-stuffed texts available. And of course the price is appealing too.

Deb White
Mendocino College

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