$50 print books with online access to the eBook, MathTV videos and, XYZHomework or $45/year for eContent only.

We have reduced the price on a number of our print books. Why? It has become apparent that some students cannot go online easily, either because of poor Internet connections or their home situations. If these students have a print book, they can study anywhere. Because of the QR codes in the books, they can access the videos that accompany the book on their phones.

Or, purchase (or extend) an All-Access Pass to all our eBooks, videos, and XYZ Homework for just $45 (or $25 if you are renewing your pass).

An All-Access Pass gives you 1 full year of complete access to ALL of our online content, including all of our eBooks, MathTV videos, and online worksheets. An All Access Pass is included with every new XYZ Textbook.





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