The XYZ Promise

No revisions for 5 years.
No price increases for life of the edition.

photo of Amy Jacobs

It all starts with a solid core product. Everything you need:

  • Innovative tools: we're more than just a textbook. eBooks, videos, worksheets—all in sync with the way today's student studies.
  • Peer tutors, 24-7: there are 10,000 tutorial videos on, all included with any purchase.

But we don't stop there. Affordability and access matter:

  • Fair prices: the best way to make sure that students actually use the book is to make it affordable.
  • Unlimited access: when you purchase one of our products, we give you access to all of our products. Why lock students out?

And as an instructor, your experience matters too!

  • No revisions for 5 years.
  • No price increases for the life of the edition.
  • No forced rolls. You choose when to switch, not us.
  • No unnecessary bundles.



If you want to learn more, talk to an XYZ rep. Or just choose your book if you're ready to adopt!