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We believe learning math should not put a minus sign in front of student bank balances. Since 2010, we've been supplying economical, expertly written, integrated texts and online tools that help students achieve success in the classroom. With the goal of mastering the fundamentals, our materials are designed to build critical thinking skills and enhance students' perception of themselves as problem solvers.

Learn more about how our approach is different and why that can make a world of difference to both you and your students. Once you see our titles you'll understand why we have such a passionate following.

Why choose XYZ?

From the beginning, we've stood by three principles that are instrumental to empowering all math students to progress to the next level.

Progress Through Practice

More enjoyable tasks are more eagerly undertaken. The XYZ approach —our "spoonful of sugar"—is to break-down mathematical concepts using easy-to-digest basics, then rewarding students for incremental progress, encouraging them to strive for the next level. A large majority of our students swear by our methods, as you'll soon see.

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Easily Accessible Suite of Tools

Turnkey online homework and books—available in both digital and print formats—make teaching and learning from XYZ materials straightforward and easy. Concepts you teach in the classroom are reinforced immediately by interactive practice examples and video tutorials, making XYZ a supportive partner in your instruction.

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Wallet Friendly

Student budgets are tight. Understanding this, XYZ offers the best deal in the industry. Students can start learning from day one with our low fixed prices, free online homework, and All-Access Pass. For $45, students get 12-month access to their eBook and online homework. XYZ also offers unbeatable prices for those who prefer print.

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XYZ Textbooks was founded by an academically-honored lifelong math teacher, and our focus has been exclusively on math from day one. Just as XYZ students progress through practice, our commitment to the subject has given us a level of expertise no other educational provider can promise.

Give your students every advantage

A survey of nearly 1,000 students who used XYZ during the Fall 2021 semester revealed 87% of XYZ students rated their study materials "good" to "excellent." What other numbers do you need to run?

Student-approved, student-preferred, student-endorsed

XYZ Textbooks develops its materials with continuous input from both instructors and students of all ages and backgrounds. This enables us to tailor the textbooks, tutorials and homework to be both inviting and effective. In fact, nearly 70% of students prefer XYZ Textbooks to other math materials they've used in college

Shaquita M.

Clark College

All the extra assistance offered helped me get an A in my class.

Alana T.

University of Alaska

I really loved XYZ. It's very easy to use and the videos are SO helpful.

Brandon M.

Southwestern College (KS)

When you're lost and confused, XYZ gives a variety of ways to help.

Our Catalog

Adopt an XYZ Textbook, you won't regret it.

Sure, we have great books by a variety of great authors. But it wouldn't matter one bit if students can't afford it. We're trying to do things differently here at XYZ Textbooks. If you agree with us, there's one simple action you can take to show your support: Adopt one!