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Why Choose XYZ Textbooks?

Your students' math textbook is still critical to their course experience. You understand that and so do we.

That's why we're doing differently at XYZ Textbooks. Here's our 3-step plan to help support your students' success:


Today's students require more flexibility. That's why you can have our resources at your fingertips no matter where you are. You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to access our online books and over 10,000 MathTV videos. Study anywhere, anytime. QR codes connect you to the printed page to our online resources too!


You can choose a complete interactive solution for your classroom using our textbooks. Written by expert authors and rigorously peer-reviewed, each of our books is available to you in print or online. Integrated MathTV videos offer you a tutorial for every single example in every book. Plus, you will receive Real-Time Practice Problems for immediate reinforcement and XYZ Homework for assignments.


Students who are 'priced out' have a lower chance of success. We want to fix that. At XYZ Textbooks, you can get a brand new printed textbook, including complete access to MathTV and all of our online resources, for an average retail price of only $68. Even better, you can get an All-Access Pass for only $45 for 12 months' access to our entire ebook catalog. You’d be getting the best deal in the industry.

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