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In partnership with RedShelf and VitalSource, Inclusive Access enables campus bookstores to save students money and provide valuable first-day of class access. Students have their materials on the first day of class and are ready to go!

You can also get XYZ Inclusive Access directly from us. Contact [email protected]

Why Offer Day-One Inclusive Access?

Drive Sales

Drives 100% of textbook sales through your campus store.

Prepared for Class

Access to course materials on the first day of class. Students opt-out as needed before the add/drop period.

Improved Student Outcomes

Students' grades improved using interactive eBooks with videos and practice problems.


Best price on digital course materials. Financial aid will apply.

How Does Inclusive Access Work?

1 Billing

Students have until the add/drop period to opt-in or opt-out. Students who opt-in are billed by the institution.

2 Set Up

Where applicable, faculty receives instructions to set up their course to ensure easy access for students.

3 Fulfillment

Campus store works with XYZTextbooks, VitalSource or RedShelf to fulfill adopted course materials.

4 Access

Students log in and access their course materials on day one of class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most titles published by XYZTextbooks are available in Inclusive Access.

We offer perpetual access on our products.

Students' bursar accounts are charged for course materials at a reduced fee based upon pricing agreed upon between the institution and XYZTextbooks.

With the Inclusive Access model, campus bookstores drive nearly 100% of the textbook sales. Stores will also see increased revenue due to lower operating costs.

Yes, students can apply financial aid vouchers to their Inclusive Access course materials.

The Inclusive Access model invoices the institution after the add/drop period, excluding those who have withdrawn.

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