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XYZ Textbooks: 24/7 when you can't be

You build a flexible curriculum, students build their skills

We know first-hand the challenge of teaching math to a class full of students of various backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. Once you bring XYZ on as your steadfast education partner, you'll have access to our all-in-one toolbox brimming with traditional, digital and interactive materials. In this way, you'll be able to use a uniform approach while still acknowledging the fact that no two students are alike. XYZ's mission is to prove that all students are math-capable, one homework assignment at a time. As their instructor, you can focus on creating light-bulb moments of recognition and provide the guidance needed in any given situation.

Your all-in-one math toolbox

Despite our name, we're so much more than textbooks. And each of our textbooks is so much more than a book. The XYZ eBook is a student hub for just-in-time help through video tutorials and unlimited, penalty-free practice with instant feedback. Our research shows students not only use these tools but embrace them. XYZ Homework provides ready-to-use assignments to get you up and running with online assessments quickly.

Teaching students who like print books? We've got them covered too, with industry-defiant pricing and QR codes to take them directly to relevant online video tutorials.

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Our Tutors

Video Tutors: your student's trusted study companion

In a student's own words, "The tutorials are literally the only reason I learned the material." Every single example is presented by multiple student instructors handpicked by XYZ for their teaching ability and passion. The examples themselves have been written to be easily relatable, and having their choice of tutor—including a Spanish-language option—enables students to explore a variety of ways to solve the same problem. Working with peer instructors further boosts students' confidence because they feel like they have a fellow classmate pulling for their success. XYZ's video tutorials work on laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Student-first content, student-friendly pricing

Student budgets are tight. We know this.

And that's why XYZ offers the best deal in the industry by giving students a variety of affordable options to get the content they need in the way that they want it.

For the digital native

Students can start learning from day one with our All-Access Pass. For just $45, students get a full year of access to their eBook, online homework and video tutorials, as well as all the eBooks in the XYZ catalog. Most others offer only 4-6 months of access—and for a much higher price.

For the print enthusiast

Some of us still love the smell of a brand-new textbook, and with it, the freedom to write in the margins, highlight, and make notes. For the bibliophiles among us, students can purchase a new paperback book for just $68, and they'll automatically receive the All-Access Pass. That's only $13 more than the digital-only option, and best of all—the print book is theirs to keep.


All-Access Pass

For Only


Students Get

12-month access to:

their eBook and the rest of the XYZ catalog

online homework

all video tutorials


Digital + print

All-Access Pass + Print

For Only


Students Get

12-month access to:

their eBook and the rest of the XYZ catalog

online homework

all video tutorials

+ a paperback version of their textbook
*Except for combo books, which are $88.

Brittany O.

Yuba College

I wish more math classes would use XYZ.
Brittany O. of Yuba College is one of thousands of students who have learned math through XYZ Textbooks, and her assessment of our materials gives us assurance we are delivering on our promise to instructors and students.

Our Catalog

Adopt an XYZ Textbook, you won't regret it.

Sure, we have great books by a variety of great authors. But it wouldn't matter one bit if students can't afford it. We're trying to do things differently here at XYZ Textbooks. If you agree with us, there's one simple action you can take to show your support: Adopt one!