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Factoring Mini Camp

Course Description

Having trouble with factoring polynomials in algebra? We have just the course for you. Our Factoring Mini Camp will present you with everything you need master factoring. We begin with a review of the basic information on polynomials, then we move on to factoring. In the last two lessons we cover two of the most important applications of factoring. Along the way we will cover the study skills and success skills that will point you in the direction of success in all your college classes. All you need to do is add in your commitment and hard work, and you will put yourself in position to pass college algebra at the school you are attending.

You can proceed through the course as quickly as you like. There are 9 electronic assignments in the course. If you finish all the electronic assignments with an average of 75% or higher, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

You can start the course at any time, and you can do the assignments in any order.

Course Preview

Below is a sample section from one of our recent online courses. This is how each section of your course will look.

Welcome Video

Each section begins with a welcome video from the author, Pat McKeague, or one of our student instructors.

Written Assignment

Everything students need to complete the written assignment is contained within the course; the eBook is one click away, and the videos play right on the website.

Online Electronically Graded Assignment

Each section contains an electronically graded assignment. Student scores are automatically recorded in the gradebook.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums for students to ask and answer questions.

Complete Course Screenshot

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