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Corequisite for Intermediate Algebra

Author: Charles P. McKeague

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Corequisite for Intermediate Algebra

Author: Charles P. McKeague


This book contains everything you need to make a successful start in Intermediate Algebra

Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1: Fundamental Definitions and Notation
Lesson 2: Properties of Real Numbers
Lesson 3: Arithmetic with Real Numbers
Lesson 4: Exponents and Scientific Notation
Lesson 5: Polynomials, Sums, Differences, and Products
Lesson 6: Factoring
Lesson 7: More Factoring
Lesson 8: Linear and Quadratic Equations
Lesson 9: Formulas
Lesson 10: Linear Inequalities in One Variable
Lesson 11: Paired Data and the Rectangular Coordinate System
Lesson 12: The Slope of a Line
Lesson 13: Finding the Equation of a Line
Lesson 14: Systems of Equations in Two Variables
Lesson 15: Definitions and Common Roots
Lesson 16: Properties of Radicals
Lesson 17: Simplified Form for Radicals
Lesson 18: Reducing Rational Expressions to Lowest Terms
Lesson 19: Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions
Lesson 20: Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions


Charles P. McKeague
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I have taught elementary school through to calculus. I am best suited for teaching developmental math at the community college level. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have students that always impressed me with their willingness to improve their position in life through education.

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