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Applied Calculus for Business, Life and Social Sciences


Denny Burzynski


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  • ISBN: 978-1-936368-33-4
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Additional Information
About the book
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Product Information
Applied Calculus for Business, Life and Social Sciences

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About This Book

Applied Calculus is the perfect book for students who need to satisfy a one-semester calculus requirement for their degree in business or one of the social sciences. The book emphasizes modeling and uses a variety of technologies to enhance the modeling process. Students will leave class with confidence in their skills and a greater understanding of how calculus is used to model real-world situations.

Tickets to Success

These Features are built into the text in order to give students the greatest chance for success in the course.

Getting Ready for Class

Because we want to encourage students to read the book, we place four questions at the end of every section, under the heading Getting Ready for Class, that students can answer from the reading. Even a minimal attempt to answer these questions enhances the students' in-class experience. A number of people using our books use these questions as a student's ticket to class. They collect the student answers as students come in the door.

Paying Attention to Instructions

We try to anticipate problems students have and build features into the text that address these problems. For example, we know students don't always pay attention to instructions when they are doing their homework, and it gets them into trouble on tests and quizzes. So, we build problems into the text, under the heading Paying Attention to Instructions, that require that they read instructions.

Getting Ready for the Next Section

These problems appear at the end of every problem set. They are the exact problems that students will see when they read through the next section of the text. Students who consistently work these problems will be much better prepared for class than students who don't work these problems.

Emphasis on Modeling

Modeling Examples and Problems are labeled with a puzzle icon and are found throughout the text. Click on each cover for a larger view.


Staying Current with Technology

Graphing Calculators, Wolfram|Alpha, QR codes, are all integrated throughout the text. Click on each cover to see a larger view.


About Denny Burzynski


Denny's current interests are improving mathematics instruction for non-STEM students and researching methods for incorporating technology that promote course success and college completion. Always interested in exploring new ideas related to teaching and learning mathematics, Denny presents creative sessions at local and national conferences and, with his friends Wade Ellis, Jr and Pat McKeague, has authored six mathematics textbooks. Denny is a member of the mathematics faculty at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas; before moving to Las Vegas, he taught in the mathematics department at West Valley College in Saratoga, California for 30 years. Active in the mathematics education community since earning his Master's Degree in Mathematics from California State University, Long Beach, Denny served as the president of the California Mathematics Council Community Colleges (CMC^3) and the newsletter editor for both CMC^3 and AMATYC. In the 1990's, Denny spent a semester internship working as a program director in the Directorate of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. He has served as principle investigator or co-principle investigator on several NSF sponsored grants to improve STEM mathematics education in community colleges.

Table of Contents

for Applied Calculus for Business, Life and Social Sciences

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About The Author
Denny Burzynski
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