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  • Title: Corequisite for College Algebra and Precalculus
  • Charles P. McKeague
  • Publisher: XYZ Textbooks

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Corequisite for College Algebra and Precalculus

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College Algebra Prep is our corequisite textbook that will get students ready to take college algebra.

Table of Contents


 1  Definitions, Properties, and Simplifying Expressions
 2  Exponents and Scientific Notation
 3  Polynomials: Sums, Differences, and Products
 4  Review of Factoring
 5  Rational Expressions
 Roots and Radicals
 7  Complex Numbers
  Linear and Quadratic Equations
 More Quadratic Equations
10 Additional Equations and Formulas
11 More Applications and Modeling
12 Linear, Quadratic, and Rational Inequalities
13 Equations and Inequalities with Absolute Value
14 Paired Data and Graphing
15 Introduction to Fnctions and Relations
16 Function Notation and More Graphing
17 Transformations and Other Graphing Techniques
18 Algebra and Composition with Functions
19 The Slope of a Line
20 Linear Functions and Equations of Lines


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I am an adult who is continuing my education. MathTV is fantastic! I especially like the variety of the folks going over the problems. For whatever reason it is more user friendly than others I've viewed. Great idea, great job!

American Allied University

I've been using your texts for the past two weeks, and the students are loving it. I actually have to remind them to get up and take a break, since each class meets in the math lab for just under 4 hours at a time. So far, they are doing great.

Terry Valentine
SUNY Columbia-Greene CC

I just love the way the material in the series is divided up in a strict succession of topics, unlike the other over-stuffed texts available. And of course the price is appealing too.

Deb White
Mendocino College