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  • Title: Activities Workbook to Accompany Elementary Algebra
  • Kathy Yoshiwara
  • Publisher: XYZ Textbooks
  • Format & ISBN:
    Paperback: 978-1-630980-03-0
    ISBN-13: 978-1-630980-03-0
    ISBN-13: 9781630980030
    ISBN-10: 1-63098-003-X
    ISBN-10: 163098003X
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  • Printed Supplement: $20.00

Product Information

Activities Workbook to Accompany Elementary Algebra

About This Book

Do you want a successful program in elementary algebra based on modeling real-world situations? We have everything you need right here. We are pleased to offer Elementary Algebra: A Modeling Approach by Kathy Yoshiwara. More than just a textbook, this is a full-service course that has been class-tested and is ready for you to use. If you have attended any of Kathy's presentations on modeling, you know she is an expert in the field. She has refined her program over the last five years at Los Angeles Pierce College.

The Yoshiwara Program of Instruction

Instructor Guide

This is Kathy's step-by-step guide for how to organize and run your classroom. It gives details on how to integrate the online homework system, XYZ Homework, the Activities Guide, and the textbook to create a successful course in Elementary algebra, from a modeling perspective.

Print Textbook or Online eBook

The foundation of the course is the textbook. Here is where the student finds the examples, explanations, and problems that will take them to a new level in mathematical maturity. The student can purchase the print version of the textbook for $58 (which includes all our electronic content), or they can purchase a one-year All-Access pass for $45.

Activities Booklet

In-class activities for every section of the textbook are your lesson plans for the course. These are available free on the website, or the complete booklet can be purchased for $27.


We Make Our Customers Happy

I am an adult who is continuing my education. MathTV is fantastic! I especially like the variety of the folks going over the problems. For whatever reason it is more user friendly than others I've viewed. Great idea, great job!

American Allied University

I've been using your texts for the past two weeks, and the students are loving it. I actually have to remind them to get up and take a break, since each class meets in the math lab for just under 4 hours at a time. So far, they are doing great.

Terry Valentine
SUNY Columbia-Greene CC

I just love the way the material in the series is divided up in a strict succession of topics, unlike the other over-stuffed texts available. And of course the price is appealing too.

Deb White
Mendocino College