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Scan the QR codes located inside printed textbooks* with your mobile device, and it will take you directly to the accompanying MathTV video. No hunting and searching and scrolling—just a direct link to additional support. Here's how:

*QR codes are not available in every textbook.

Step 1: Get a QR Reader

There are many free QR Code Readers available, but we recommend NeoReader by NeoMedia. On your smartphone or tablet, find it through the app store, or go to

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Step 2: Scan the QR Code

QR codes are printed next the 1st example of every section. Simply scan it with your QR Code Reader, and you'll be taken directly to that section in MathTV!

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Step 3: Choose Your Instructor

Choose from over 10 different student instructors or textbook author Mr. McKeague. Nearly every example has a video in Spanish too!

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Step 4: Watch the Video

Every example in every XYZ Textbook is matched with a set of 2-4 videos, each done by a different instructor. Seeing slightly different approaches and strategies will really help you learn how to work each problem, and you can return to them any time if you need to!

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