Amy Jacobs

Sales Rep

About Me

​Hello! My first job out of college was with Thomson Publishing. I was a sales representative in Southern California and sold social science textbooks at two- and four-year colleges. I loved that job! There is a wonderful energy to being on campus with students and instructors. After a couple of successful years I transferred to Northern California and sold business, science, and mathematics textbooks for Harcourt C​​ollege Publishing. The two companies merged and there were literally hundreds of different titles to sell. I left the industry for a few year​s​ and moved back to my hometown ​t​o​ ​start a family.​ ​When Pat McKeague started MathTV and XYZTextbooks, I signed on. I love my job!​ ​ I love making a difference to students and saving them money. Our goal as a company is to save students money on course materials while giving them confidence in Mathematics.

Favorites on our XYZ site

Savings Calculator
This is a superfun tool that compare​s​ the price of an average textbook vs an XYZTextbook​.​

eBook for Prealgebra
This eBook is really easy to use and I got to approved the colors and I think it is inviting and cheerful​!​ (Yes, fuchsia in a math book!)

Pat McKeagues's video on the Spiral of Roots

The video shows what he loves about math and the video shows off his 'perfect teacher' handwriting.

Our video Tutors​
This is a fun look at our video tutors. These students have varied backgrounds and all share enthusiasm for mathematics.​